Abortion Pill in South Africa

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You will be able to get an abortion pill quite easily in South Africa. But you have to know exactly what you are looking for. The names and images of pills are all over the internet. Do your research and make sure you get the right thing as there a lot of fake pills on the market too.

The fake pills are not dangerous just that they do not work. It is actually medicine for say diarrhea being sold as termination pills. It does not do anything to you but also does not terminate the pregnancy. You can contact us if you need the right pills. Contact number on top.

How much is the pills in South Africa

It depends on the pill that you are getting and the dose. Abortion pills are very many types. I can not tell you the price because they differ. You are also paying for consultation as abortion pills have strict usage instructions. Pills are cheaper than surgery though by far.

How does Abortion pill look like

Google abortion pill and click images. You are going to see the pictures. There are very many types of abortion pills and these pills are made from different countries but they all do the same thing. So the look of the pills may be different from country to country of origin just make sure that you get the right name and you will be OK.

Are abortion Pills Safe

Yes. Abortion pills are very safe in 9 plus women out of 10. This is over 90%. In a very few women it may lead to heavy bleeding but this can be corrected easily in hospital. So there is  nothing to worry about.

Pills are recommended by the World Health Organisation as the cheapest method to terminate a pregnancy.

Can Pills cause Infertility

Pills are very safe and they do not affect you fertility at all. Many women actually get pregnant quite soon after using the pills because they do not practice safe sex.

Pills just terminate and they do nothing else to your body. So practice safe sex.

Which Abortion Pill is Most Effective?

All abortion pills are effective. As long as you follow the instructions and you also got the right dose you should be able to terminate easily and successfully on the same day you take the pills.

How does the Abortion Pill work

The abortion pill will make the uterus to expel the pregnancy tissue or fetus and you will pass it out through the vagina with blood and clots. That is about it.

How do I get the Abortion Pill?

Just contact me and I will help you get the right thing.

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