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Which abortion method is cheaper

You are here because you want to terminate or know a person who wants to terminate. You are at the right place and you will get the right help.

We are a female doctor run service. We treat all women with kindness, respect and privacy. Contact us right now. Phone on top.

There are 2 methods of termination – Medical and Surgical.

  1. Medical termination where a pill is used is the cheapest and safest method to terminate. If money is hard to come by this the best method to terminate. Is medical abortion like giving birth – not really. It is similar to having a menstrual cycle. Medical abortion is for early pregnancies.
  2.  Surgical abortion this where instruments are inserted into your uterus through your vagina and pregnancy tissue or a fetus are extracted by a doctor. It is only done by a doctor or trained nurse. It is very  safe but quite expensive and difficult to come by because of the over load of doctors.

Which abortion procedure is better

Medical and surgical abortion are both very good depending on your circumstances. Medical is very cheap and can be done in the comfort of your home safely. Surgical is done only at a clinic and it is very expensive and it may involve appointments and waiting.

So you choose what you want depending on where you are. if you are in a rural area or you are short of money go medical termination where a pill is used. It is quick and safe and you.

Which abortion method is safer

Medical abortion (abortion with a pill) and surgical abortion are both safe.

What is not safe is what girls do taking all kinds of things they hear from friends. If you take all kinds of drinks and all those things you are damaging yourself.

Just either use termination pills or surgical abortion and you will be safe.

Which abortion pill is safe

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All abortion pills are safe. Just make sure that you get the right abortion pills. Before you get the pill make sure you get the right thing. It must be sealed n sachet and as the person the name of the pill and make sure it is the one. Google It.

Which abortion pill is most effective

All abortion pills are effective. But some are more expensive than others. There is no need to go for expensive pills as even the cheap ones do the same thing.

What is critical is to make sure that you are getting the right thing. That is what you should focus on.

Which abortion procedure is the safest

Both termination with a pill and surgical are both very safe. Just make sure you get the right pills and make sure you do surgical abortion in a clinic. That is the trick.

Where abortion can be done

Abortion happens at a clinic or hospital if it is surgical abortion. Do not try to insert anything in your body. You will damage yourself and it will be fatal.

Medical abortion where a pill is used happens in the comfort of your home and it is done for early pregnancies.

With early abortion you are not going to see anything other than your normal menstrual cycle and you are done. That is why it is done at home. The pill just makes you go through your cycle and when that happens you will pass the pregnancy tissue and you are done. The trick is to get the right pills.

Where to find abortion pill

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– I will point you in the right place where you will get the right termination pills. Do not make a mistake to get pills without contacting me. You will end up going home with Disprin and losing your money. WhatsApp me and I will assist by pointing you in the right direction

Can abortion be done in 3rd month

Yes. You can do abortion between 1 week to 12 weeks (3 months) without any questions. All you have to do is to wake up in the morning and decide to terminate your pregnancy and you do it.

Any time from 1, 2 3 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10, 11, or 12 weeks you can terminate very easily. These weeks are the best to terminate a pregnancy.

You do not need permission from any one. It is not about age. If you are pregnant, it is your body it is you. If you choose to get permission is up to you but you can do it without permission.

After 3 months the law says questions must be asked. The reasoning is that why have you been waiting?

Are abortion pills available at Clicks

No you will not get the abortion pills at Clicks. The pills are dispensed by doctors and nurses only. You will not get them at Clicks.

Are abortion pills available over the counter

You will not be able to get abortion pills over the counter. Pills are only available from the doctor. Pharmacies will never cell you abortion pills over the counter. You will get them from a doctor, clinic or hospital.

Are abortion clinics open on Saturday

Yes it depends on where you are. But ours operates 7 days a week. Simply get hold of me and you get help.

Abortion without parents knowing

Abortion can be done without permission from any one. The law says you do not need permission to terminate. If you wait for permission you will also be a parent an a very early age.

As soon as you know you are pregnant plan to terminate. You do not need permission not from your parents and not from your partner. Parental consent is not necessary at all.

Abortion without consent of husband – you do not need to tell your husband. That is the law. If you want you can but he has no right to say no if you do not want to continue with the pregnancy.

Abortion near me

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Where are you? Please contact us and we shall point you in the right direction where you will get private and safe abortion. We shall help you make the right choice during this testing time.

We shall point to the nearby place to get the abortion that is safe and private.

Abortion near me cost- This depends on the weeks into your pregnancy and method to be used. Abortion with a pill is cheap. Surgical abortion is expensive.